AGGIE-VATED ASSAULT: Texas A&M’s ferociousness proved to be too much for Alabama who found themselves in a tough battle for the second time in as many weeks. Photo courtesy Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

A couple months ago, amidst a contentious political campaign, Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ tweeted along the lines of, “enough with all this political talk, who can beat Alabama?”

Well, on the afternoon of November 10th, we found our answer: Texas A&M.

The Aggies came out of nowhere to make this weekend easily one of the most memorable of the season. Just barely out of the shadow of the FIRST weekend in November, where fans were privy to stellar game after stellar game, Saturday’s action looked as though it was going to be a little bit of a regression. Yes, there were some mildly intriguing games, but they were few and far in between.

Even the upset speculators didn’t truly have Texas A&M on their radar. They were all eyeing the TCU-Kansas State game where they thought the unranked Horned Frogs might pull the stunner at home in Texas.

But by the time the two purple-clad Midwest programs kicked off, November 10th’s biggest headline was already written and that Crimson Tide often thought to be invincible was no longer perfect.

This was a signature win for the Aggies, the kind that will be talked about for generations. When they defected to the SEC, which almost plays as if it itself is a division above the rest of 1-A, they would have to prove they belonged. And knocking off the top-ranked defending national champions that were also picked as a shoo-in to take the conference? Yeah, I think that’s the message they were looking for.

A TALE OF TWO WEEKS: A week after an LSU victory reduced him to tears, AJ McCarron was left speechless by the Aggies upset on the road. Photo courtesy Dave Martin/AP

Not only that, but what about the Tide? Now, all of the sudden, that come-from-behind victory in Death Valley seven days before is painted in a completely different light. What, at the time, looked to be the never-say-die will of the world’s best collegiate team now looks like the point when the Crimson war machine first began to sputter.

But it faltered in a different way yesterday. What allowed LSU to take the lead after once looking like they were completely out of the game was the sudden impotency of their offense.

Yesterday, though, that signature Crimson Tide defense was as much to blame as anything else. Yeah, McCarron threw a couple of picks, but that wasn’t surprising to me. If you’re the quarterback of the best team in the NCAA and you’re not even IN the Heisman conversation — especially in a year when the race is so wide open — it tells me you’re prone to having days like the one we saw yesterday.

No, what killed Alabama was their inability to stop Texas A&M on offense. Not only did the Aggies win the battle for time of possession, they went 11 for 18 on third downs. I’ll say that again: Texas A&M converted over sixty percent of their third downs against the best defense in 1-A football.

That’s how the Aggies pulled the upset. Right there. You don’t NEED any more analysis. The only two weeks the Alabama defense allowed more than 400 total yards was this week and last. Against LSU, they escaped narrowly. Against Texas A&M, they weren’t so lucky.

Sure, the Aggies had some luck of their own, like Manziel’s almost-fumble turned into a wide open touchdown pass, but you NEED luck to take down an undefeated powerhouse. That’s the little dirty fact no one ever shares when a team has a perfect season. To maintain a goose egg in that ‘L’ column, the onus is on you to be, well, perfect week in and week out. Coming off a huge, emotionally draining game on the road, the Crimson Tide let their guard down on the road and it showed.

Even Nick Saban said it. After the game he said he was worried about Saturday. WORRIED. Texas A&M had struck fear in the mastermind behind the BCS leader and they hadn’t even taken the field yet.

It was a brilliant insight into an upset the average college football fan didn’t see coming. In knocking off the Crimson Tide, who REALLY does Texas A&M have to thank? LSU? Nick Saban? A.J. McCarron? Or themselves? We could spend until the BCS Championship analyzing and we’d still probably be wrong.

But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

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