In honor of his birthday, let’s take a moment to look at the best and worst movies Adam Sandler has had to offer. On each list, we count down to the option which best fits that category. Meaning whatever hits #1 on the worst list is his worst movie of all time.

Adam Sandler’s Best

10. The Longest Yard

As remakes go, it wasn’t terrible, and Adam Sandler fit the part really well. The role for Burt Reynolds was a nice nod, too.

9. 50 First Dates

The chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler wasn’t strikingly awesome in this one, but it was an interesting concept and adequately executed.

8. Funny People

Decent dramatic role by Adam Sandler. Not as good as I was expecting, but easily more watchable than the ones I’ve already mentioned (kinda the concept of these lists).

7. Punch-Drunk Love

While it’s one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies, I do acknowledge that others find it to be average – or even frustrating – so I won’t put it any higher on the list.

Adam Sandler in The Waterboy

6. The Waterboy

I have the opposite experience with this one that I did with Punch-Drunk Love. While it’s not one of my favorites, it’s not so bad that I’d put it on the other list, and the high praise others give it (and the amount they quote it) forces me to keep it here on the list.

5. The Wedding Singer

Far better chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler here than in 50 First Dates, but it didn’t have as much heart to it as it could’ve. That wouldn’t be a problem, except it also wasn’t as funny as it could’ve been. The awesome music definitely helped.

4. Big Daddy

Tons of heart, good humor without being absurd, and just an all around good movie.

3. Spanglish

Easily Adam Sandler’s best dramatic role, with enough comedy along the way to keep it from being too heavy-hearted.

Adam Sandler in Billy Madison2. Billy Madison

If the beginning weren’t so absurdly juvenile and there weren’t a couple eye-rolling elements along the way, this could easily be in the top spot. Great concept, executed nicely with a fair bit of heart along the way.

1. Happy Gilmore

This is the movie that made Adam Sandler cool AND seem like a real movie star, not just as SNL cast member on the big screen. I’d be willing to bet that many of the people who have enjoyed this movie have tried his custom golf shot at least once.

Adam Sandler’s Worst

10. Mr Deeds

Not terrible, but more eye-rolling parts than I’d hope for. It nearly got a spot towards the end of the other list, but it just couldn’t make the cut and it’s not exactly something I’m looking forward to seeing anytime soon.

Adam Sandler and Emmanuelle Chriqui in the Zohan movie9. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

A questionable concept that actually gets executed decently, but it’s just not a good movie. Honorable mention goes to the eye-candy.

8. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Not even a scantily clad Jessica Biel helped this one. The premise was decent enough, but it just lacked humor in the execution. Adam Sandler and Kevin James both felt flat.

7. Bedtime Stories

Decent concept, average execution, but just a bit too childish… which I suppose is what they were going for, given that it was made to appeal to kids. Since that’s not our audience, that’s not how we’re seeing it.

6. Grown Ups

It didn’t feel so much like a movie, but rather a glimpse into a bunch of comedians on vacation. In fact, I don’t recall much of a plot.

Adam Sandler and friends in Grown Ups

5. Eight Crazy Nights

He gets credit for at least trying to create a genre, but it just wasn’t enjoyable.

4. Anger Management

You should expect far more from a movie featuring Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson and Marissa Tomei, but this one fails. Hard.

Adam Sandler and the lovely Kate Beckinsale in Click3. Click

Decent concept, but another poor execution. Having Kate Beckinsale in there as Adam Sandler’s wife was a plus, but unfortunately Christopher Walken was not.

2. Little Nicky

This movie tried to be a throwback to the type of character Adam Sandler would create back in his SNL days, and there was poor execution.

1. Jack And Jill

What in the world was he thinking?

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