One of the more iconic superheroes in the Marvel comics universe is Captain America. He might not be as popular amongst people who aren’t comic book fans as other Marvel properties like Spider-man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Punisher or The Incredible Hulk, but with an upcoming movie in 2011, his popularity is bound to be on the rise.

Though I don’t expect the character to exceed Iron Man or Spider-man in popularity due to the comedic / sarchastic nature that each can bring, I do think he’s far more interesting than The Incredible Hulk or some members of the X-Men. Heck, Stephen Colbert is a fan of “Cap”, and I expect that the WWII Super Soldier will become more of a household name before 2012 hits.

Stephen Colbert - the true Captain America

After months of searching for an actor to fill the iconic role, Marvel has gone back to the well and chosen Chris Evans to play Captain America / Steve Rogers. Those of you who are familiar with the Marvel movies “Fantastic Four” and “Rise of the Silver Surfer”, Evans played the role of The Human Torch / Johnny Storm.

Given that Chris Evans is already attached to one Marvel superhero character, I don’t like the fact that he was chosen to be Captain America. Even though I thought both of the Fantasic Four movies were enjoyable, I don’t suppose Marvel will make a third movie, or even bring the Fantastic Four characters into another movie, so I guess it’s not a huge problem for Evans to be attached to both Human Torch AND Captain America, but I would’ve gone in a different direction.

My choices? I’d start with Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on the hit series Mad Men. Matt Damon could’ve been a decent option. Scott Porter, who is best known for his work as paralyzed Quarterback Jason Street on Friday Night Lights, would have also been a good choice, though I guess his auditions didn’t go as well.

Rumors had John Krasinski close to taking the role as Cap’, but I wouldn’t have been hugely in favor of that. Krasinski seems to smiley / happy to be Captain America.

Michael Cassidy, who co-starred in a half-dozen episodes of Smallville as Grant Gabriel, would’ve also been a decent choice, and I’d expect that Marvel might pick him in the future to play a different character.

I don’t watch Gossip Girl (shocked? shouldn’t be…), but Chace Crawford was also considered for the role of Captain America / Steve Rogers. I can’t really comment on whether or not he’d be suitable for the role, but seeing pictures of him online don’t lead me to think he couldn’t have played the Super Soldier.

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