The Huffington Post had an interesting article which I’d like to draw attention to surrounding 16 movies which won Academy Awards for Best Picture in years past which were probably the wrong choices.

I don’t want to completely mooch off of the work done by the HP, but I will give my reaction to a few of them.

I enjoyed 1991’s winner Dances With Wolves more than Goodfellas, and I’m guessing that the graphic violence in multiple scenes in Goodfellas tipped the scales in favor of Costner’s film.

It’s a tough call to decide if Forrest Gump was actually better than Shawshank Redemption, but given all the challenges involved in presenting Gump and all its historic moments, it seems epic compared to a film which spends the majority of its time inside the confines of a prison.  I have met people who didn’t like Forrest Gump, though, and I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t think Shawshank is an all-time great movie.

Given that one of my grandfathers was involved in the D-Day Invasion in World War II and he was involved in similar efforts to what Tom Hanks does in the first part of Saving Private Ryan, that movie will always hold a special place in my heart, even if its gut-wrenching realism makes it difficult to watch after an initial viewing.  On the other hand, the flawless execution and creativity involved in Shakespeare in Love is a great watch on a yearly basis for anyone who can appreciate how it meshes more than one of The Bard’s works.  Both are deserving films, and it’s somewhat unfortunate they both came out in the same year.

Moulin Rouge and In The Bedroom were both great films, but I disagree with the sentiment that either of them were as good as A Beautiful Mind in 2002.

1997 is a tough year to decide.  Titanic was hugely epic, so even as a guy, it’s hard to argue against the romantic disaster movie. LA Confidential was really good, and As Good As It Gets almost lives up to its name. My personal preference is Good Will Hunting, which is one of my top 10 all-time favorite flicks.

Was 1977’s Best Picture winner “Rocky” better than Taxi Driver?  I can’t say, I didn’t see the latter.

There are 16 discussion points provided by The Huffington Post article.  Check it out.

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