The 83rd Academy Awards came and went, and along the way we learned a little something:

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy would’ve been a lot better had they written “partially psychotic professional ballerina” into Queen Amidala’s backstory.

When a sequel to Billy Elliot is inevitably cast, they’re going to call on Colin Firth.

Assuming she wasn’t acting last night, Anne Hathaway is a great actress.

The cast of The Dark Knight Rises collectively have more Oscars to their credit than Pulp Fiction and The English Patient.

In a category where four of the five nominees had names starting with the letter J, the Academy went with the “One of these things is not like the other” strategy and gave the Oscar for Best Actor to a guy whose name starts with a C.

Movie rental services are going to be shipping more copies of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, now that it’s getting mentioned in trivia bits as the only movie other than The Fighter to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Winning Best Director would’ve helped, but nevertheless, David O. Russell is on the path to becoming a house-hold name (albeit in movie-lover households) given the praise heaped on him during acceptance speeches.  Stalling the process is the fact that two of the next three films for which he’s slated to take the director’s chair don’t hit theaters before 2013.

Just because someone is nominated, that doesn’t mean they think they have a chance of winning.  Melissa Leo was shocked, and Luke Matheny didn’t even think to get a haircut.

Cartoon toy cowboys stand a better chance of winning awards than live-action ones.

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