When you think about Comic Conventions, you think big…like the New York Comic Con. but that isn’t the case with all Cons. Some of more smaller and intimate. Some, even though not as large as their counter parts, still can give you the same amount of fun. Enter the Yourminicon. I stumbled upon this event when hearing a bunch of my friends talking about checking it out. So I went to the website to see what was going to go on at the event. First thing I like was the list of Cosplayers that would be making an appearance. With great Cosplayers from Gina B Cosplay to the lovely, Lady Cels. All were friendly and had reasonably priced prints for sale. My hat especially goes off to Bree the V, because some of the profits for the prints she had where going to the Children’s Hospital. As expensive as Cosplaying is…to still give up what profit you may make to a good cause is a thumbs up in my book.

The venders were very cool, willing to work with you on some great sales. My co-pilot for the day, Dave Camacho aka DC getting a great 2 for $20 deal on some exclusive comic related Legos (A deal that I, myself, benefited from as well,lol). From books to Comics to Duck Taped creations and knitting, there was all types of amazing things to pick and choose from. Now I was also happy because I was finally able to get my Run DMC style “Zombie Leader” shirt. All the venders from Smirk & Dagger Games to Prime Collectibles LLC made sure to have a good variety of things for people to purchase. And for those afraid of how expensive Cosplaying is…Cosplay on a Budget was in the building.

Featured guest ranged from Tom Mariano to some of the cast from ABC’s The Quest. all very personable willing t talk and take pictures and enjoying the Cosplayers that they connect with. And with various artist, from Amanda Dufresne to Kevin Maher, there were great Merch and chances to get some cool sketch wok. KISS Forever rocked the house with an amazing set and CT Jedi was in attendance by way of the Force. S.H.I.E.L.D. truck 1 was in the front welcoming all visitors to the Con. And the CT Ghostbusters had a nice spot set up for all those avoiding the evil spirits.

From Cosplay Karaoke to Cosplay contest, there was a little something for everyone. And with workshops like Cosplay for Your Body Type and Lightsaber Combat, anyone could find something that would keep their attention. And as you can tell by the pictures Cosplayers roamed the yard in various tributes to the characters that they liked. All in all it was a nice event to go through if you want to take a break from the huger Cons and maybe slowly introduce someone into the world of Comic Cons. Thumbs up and I can’t wait to hit the next one.

For more on YourMiniCon:

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