Chelsea Su is a car girl, an import model for HIN (Hot Import Nights), a YouTuber, a gamer, a student, and awesome at life. That’s right, she is a Jill of all trades. Recently, I was able to get her to sit in the hot seat. But don’t worry, she’ll be done in time to make your fav. hot car….look that much hotter.

Jack Nickelz: So what got you started in modeling?

Chelsea Su: It started off as a simple hobby since a lot of my friends at the time said I should try it out

Jack Nickelz: What was your first modeling gig like?


Chelsea Su: My first large gig was Hot Import Nights in 2014 and it was insane! I got to meet Dannie Riel who’s a huge import model and I got to be around tons of imported cars I loved it.

Jack Nickelz: What are the types of modeling that you do?

Chelsea Su: Mostly import and print.

Jack Nickelz: What have been some of your fav. shoots?

Chelsea Su: Shoots I did with my photographers Ron Gejon, Tim Kuder and also my boyfriend helps me take awesome photos

Jack Nickelz: How different is Import modeling from normal modeling?

Chelsea Su: Import modeling is all about nice fast cars and voluptuous girls. Ideally, the girls are what a man’s “ideal” woman looks like

Jack Nickelz: Now I see that you have done some Cosplay?

Chelsea Su: Yes, I dressed up as Tifa from FF7 for New York Comic Con.

Jack Nickelz: How fun was it to go to a comic convention in full Cosplay gear?

Chelsea Su: It was very fun; tons of people were coming up to me and asking for photos

Jack Nickelz: Now I hear you are also a gamer.

Chelsea Su: Totally! I love video games and have since I was a child.

Jack Nickelz: What type of games do you like to play?


Chelsea Su: I love fighting games such as Soul Caliber, RPGs like Final Fantasy and some shooters on pc

Jack Nickelz: What games are you currently playing at the moment?

Chelsea Su: I play league of legends, soul caliber and call of duty.

Jack Nickelz: Now it says that you also do photography.


Chelsea Su: Yep! I am very into photography and I love capturing moments for people as well as being on the other side of the lens

Jack Nickelz: What style of photography do you like to do?

Chelsea Su: Portraits and macro shots of items I find to be pretty such as perfumes or makeup. I run a photography blog

Jack Nickelz: Being that you model and do some photography, do the two skills help each other out?

Chelsea Su: Yes, it definitely helps to know about photography while modeling because you have a better understanding of the lens and how lighting works etc

Jack Nickelz: Well we see any print work from you for the fans, like calendars or posters?

Chelsea Su: Yes I’m working on that! And phone cases and t-shirts

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Chelsea Su: Thanks so much! I want to thank everyone who supports me and that I have a lot more awesome pictures and content coming your way. I’m unique in my own way; I like to do a lot and hope I can make you smile in some way

For more info on Chelsea Su, check out:

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