When Major League Baseball took their All Star game and gave it “meaning” by having home field advantage for the World Series decided by it, the public outcry decreed it a bad change. Here are 9 other ways to make the MLB All Star Game worse.

batting_cagePitching Machines

The pitchers who get voted to the All Star squads throw, what, one inning? And some of the pitchers who belong on the rosters don’t make the trip because it conflicts with their schedule of necessary rest between starts. So how about just take the machines used at batting cages and put those on the mound?

1-Man-Down Defenses

Without gimmicks, isn’t the All Star game essentially just another game, with better players on both sides? How about taking away a player from the field to force the coaches and players to have a bit more strategy? Would you decrease your infield by one player, or your outfield? What about shifting where the short stop or second baseman or center fielder plays based on the batter and which position you want to relinquish?

Bonus Targets

One of the moments which adds to the legend of Babe Ruth is that he allegedly called his shot , saying where he was going to hit a home run. So why not set certain portions of the stadium as being worth additional runs when a home run lands there? Imagine a 7-run deficit being eliminated because someone sent a bomb to the upper deck with 2 men on base? Or how about targets on the wall or in the outfield for automatic triples and doubles?


Team Captains Draft Rosters

They’ve let two captains draft players in the NHL for years, and just recently they started it for the NFL’s Pro Bowl. Baseball is the one sport where half of the league has a completely different feel from the other, and having captains draft their squads would take away that special feeling the game has. It would give it more of a schoolyard feel, though, and the selection show would be way more interesting.

Designated Hitter Switch

The main difference between the National League and the American League is the Designated Hitter. When they square off, they both use the rules of the home team. But what about having the National League use the Designated Hitter during the All Star game while the American League has to pencil their pitcher into the line-up. Sure, it makes the game unfair, but there are ways to compensate for it by adding more spots to the American League roster, and the pitcher wouldn’t have to actually EVER bat, but at least one pitcher wouldn’t be able to go a second inning (not that they do, anyway).

Weekend Move

As long as I can remember, the All Star Game has been played in the middle of the week. But wouldn’t it be easier to get fans in attendance for the game and for additional festivities if it was played on a weekend? So what if it’s something that people enjoy watching in the middle of their week, breaking up the monotony in the dog days of Summer.

Triple-A Pre-Game

Some of the stars of the future are playing Triple-A today. Large portions of the fanbases probably haven’t heard of most of the players who will be on their roster five years from now. It would also help attendance at the Triple-A games. So how would it screw things up with the All Star Game? It would have to be played either in the afternoon before the Home Run Derby or the All Star Game itself. Most people wouldn’t get the chance to watch it, unless it was moved to the night before the Home Run Derby, and that extends the All Star festivities an extra day… which is probably a day too long for something happening in the middle of the week. And they’d probably find a way to take this exhibition game and have it factor into deciding something that it shouldn’t.

Count Rules Change

There’s talk of fundamentally changing baseball by having a walk occur after 3 balls, but have a foul ball on the third strike result in a strikeout. The All Star Game is certainly a way to bring those changes to MLB in a very high profile way.

No Fan Voting

Because the game means something, why let the rosters be decided by the fans? Isn’t it beneficial to have the best lineup possible on both squads? Let the statistics decide who makes it to the All Star squads, not popularity. It takes a lot of the fun out of the game, as there are going to be names involved that aren’t recognized by casual fans, but at least those who play Fantasy Baseball will recognize the squads.


Imagine it, an All Star Game with no pitcher, 7 other fielders on defense, 3 balls to a walk, with bonus targets strewn about the field, fence and stands, relegated to the weekend just so a few additional fans could travel to the city without taking off of work, getting to town just in time for a Triple-A All Star Game kicking off the weekend to decide what team gets the first overall draft pick the following year based on who the exhibition game’s MVP is.

It could be great… but probably not.