The Money In The Bank match at this month’s Wrestlemania 26 will have 9 competitors vying for a championship opportunity.

Wrestlemania 26 Money In The Bank Competitors

Wrestlemania 26 Money In The Bank Competitors

Let’s be very clear about something – whomever wins this match will get the opportunity to fight for a World Championship (either the one currently held by Batista on RAW or the one Jericho holds on Smackdown).  Technically the briefcase contains a contract for a guaranteed shot at ANY title, but in the history of the gimmick / stipulation, no one has ever chosen a belt other than the top two.  So whomever wins, they will have to be a viable competitor to fight for a World Title.

Sorry Kane, Evan Bourne, Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin.  You don’t have what it takes.  Not this year anyway.

Christian (formerly Christian Cage of TNA) seems like a likely option.  Prior to heading to competitor TNA Wrestling, he seemed headed up the card towards the main event, including a great feud with Chris Jericho climaxing at the Wrestlemania prior to Christian’s exit from the company.  It wouldn’t be shocking at all for him to win this year’s Money In The Bank, especially given the fact that he’s great at ladder matches, helping take the match to the new level in the legendary TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) tag matches.  Christian is one of the best in the business on the mic – a MUST for anyone who is to hold a World Title.  For months, Christian anchored the now defunct ECW brand as its champion, and I believe the WWE decision makers are going to give him the opportunity to run with the ball on one of the REAL brands.

Matt Hardy has been working his way up the card for years, including a heated feud with former multiple time World Champion Edge.  Though I believe he has the ability to be a great champion with any of the other belts the WWE has, I don’t see Matt Hardy picking up either of the World Titles, and I don’t foresee the WWE giving him a pay per view shot at either of them.  Don’t expect them to give Matt Hardy the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Jack Swagger did alright when he was ECW Champion.  He’s got the looks and the in-ring ability to be a pretty good champion, but his speech issues would keep him from being great.  If he had someone to do most of the talking for him, like a “coach” manager figure, I’d definitely give him the opportunity to run with the belt, but for now, I don’t foresee it happening.

Drew McIntyre has the look and the physical gifts which will land him in the main event sooner or later, but will he win the Money In The Bank briefcase?  It’s a tough concept for me to wrap my head around, especially since he’s the current Intercontinental Champion.  He needs a quality feud before he should work his way into an opportunity to hold the World Title.

MVP could be a great option.  He’s had some quality feuds as both a good guy AND as a bad guy, and I could definitely see the WWE giving him the opportunity to main event a pay per view with a World Title on the line – even if they don’t slate him to win.  Montel Vontavious Porter has quality mic skills, and as his work with Sherri Shepard goes to show, he’s a very marketable guy as well.  Time to move him out of the tag division, cut the ties with Mark Henry and move him up the card.