This is pretty much the reason Bama is ranked #1. Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images

This is pretty much the reason Bama is ranked #1. Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images

Today is the day college football fans have been waiting for with the start of the season tonight. It kicks off with such titanic clashes as North Carolina and South Carolina as well as Kent State taking on Liberty. During this preview series, we’ve looked at conference contenders, possible conference MVPs, top coaches as well as potential disappointments and surprises. For the last installment, the AP Preseaon Top 25 will be examined, because it’s one of the more widely used polls, while determining which teams are perhaps ranked too high or too low. This will culminate in the equally as relevant GN Preseason Top 25. Also stayed tuned Sundays this fall for the return of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

1) Alabama
No argument here as the talent is too much to deny. The only surprise is that they weren’t the unanimous #1. Seriously how can they not be?

2) Ohio State
The Buckeyes will certainly pile up the points, but even their undefeated team last year had trouble with some lesser opponents. They should be no worse than #4 depending on other preferences.

3) Oregon
Mark Helfrich replaces Chip Kelly? No problem as the Ducks will continue to be extremely explosive on offense and the defense is better than most realize. Their range is 2 to 4.

4) Stanford
The suffocating defense will continue to be among the best in the country and they should replace some key skill players on offense. They could be either 3 or 4 depending on how one views them relative to Oregon.

5) Georgia
Aaron Murray and the two headed running game lead the offense and they’re plenty of talent to replace some big names on defense. 5 is about right for them.

6) South Carolina
The offense returns plenty of players to be more then effective, but the attention will be on Jadeveon Clowney as he continues to terrorize opposing QBs. 6 is the right spot for them.

7) Texas A&M
Manziel will play and continue to light up the offense, but the defense needs to step up its play. Aggies are ranked a spot or two too high.

8) Clemson
Everyone knows that Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins will make plays, but the defense will serviceable enough. Could be a spot higher, but not ahead of South Carolina who have owned them of late.

9) Louisville
Teddy Bridgewater and a glorified mid major schedule have many projecting the Cardinals to run the table. Those factors could also lead to the team being ranked a few spots higher.

10) Florida
The Gators have the players and talent to succeed but will be held back by a brutal schedule with some tough road games. They’re on the fence of being a Top 10 team.

11) Florida State
There is plenty of talent to replace some key losses, but will Jameis Winston be able to match the hype? They’ll probably lose a game or two that they shouldn’t, which really doesn’t describe a Top 10 team.

12) LSU
No matter what The Mad Hatter always seems to get his team to at least 10 wins and this year should be no different. They have fewer questions then other teams ranked higher than them.

13) Oklahoma State
This is about right for a team that will bounce back to 10+ win territory. Oklahoma and Texas are being picked as Big 12 favorites, but the ‘Boys will surprise both of them.

14) Notre Dame
Pundits seem to be holding their National Title loss against them, but the Irish are still stocked with talent. They should be ranked a spot or two higher, but Rees at QB instead of Golson keeps them from the Top 10.

15) Texas
There’s alot of returning talent, but that’s been said the past few years when the Longhorns have gone on to underperform. There’s no way they should be ranked ahead of Oklahoma.

16) Oklahoma
Even with Trevor Knight beating out Blake Bell at QB, the Sooners should be fine as The Stoops will find a way to coach through a tough schedule.

17) Michigan
There’s no Bama on the schedule and they get all their toughest games at home. Devin Gardner has shown he can be an elite QB and the defense is better than most expect.

18) Nebraska
They’re nothing if not consistent under Bo Pelini. Taylor Martinez returns at QB, but an uncharacteristically bad defense could hold them back.

19) Boise State
Last year was supposed to be a rebuilding one and they still won 11 games. This year will be tough as they have their biggest games on the road.

20) TCU
The Frogs will be much better this year as they welcome back Casey Paschall at QB. Their tough schedule and continued acclimation to the Big 12 just keep them out of the Top 20.

21) UCLA
Brett Hundley and Anthony Barr are stars on either side of the ball, but the key will be a tough schedule. They’re the clear favorite to win the Pac 12 South.

22) Northwestern
Pat Fitzgerald will continue to build this team and has the returning offensive talent to do just that. They’re a Top 20 team and a sleeper in the B1G.

23) Wisconsin
Making it back to the Rose Bowl for the 4th straight year will be difficult as the schedule gets a bit tougher. However, the talent is there to belong in the Top 25.

24) USC
Yes they return talent on both sides of the ball, but that was said of them last season and look what happened. At this point they should be on the outside looking in when it comes to being ranked.

25) Oregon State
Mike Riley routinely outperforms expectations, so it’s entirely possible the Beavers could be ranked higher at season’s end.

GN Preseason Top 25
1) Alabama
2) Oregon
3) Ohio State
4) Stanford
5) Georgia
6) South Carolina
7) Clemson
8) Louisville
9) Texas A&M
10) LSU
11) Florida
12) Notre Dame
13) Florida State
14) Oklahoma State
15) Oklahoma
16) Michigan
17) Texas
18) Nebraska
19) Boise State
20) Northwestern
21) UCLA
22) TCU
23) Wisconsin
24) Michigan State
25) Oregon State