Cousins is an interesting pick by Washington to say the least, considering they already have RG3. Photo by Al Goldis/AP Photo

The 2012 NFL Draft is officially in the books with the conclusion of Day 3. Whereas the first two were about finding guys who could be starters, Day 4 is all about looking for depth and filling out needs. Teams hope they can find the next Tom Brady or Terrell Davis, players picked late that go on to be incredibly productive. Only time will tell if one of those was picked this year. Stay tuned next week for my series grading each team’s draft.

Bobby Massie, OT, Mississippi – Arizona Round 4 112nd overall
Massie was predicted to go high in the 2nd round, so the Cards getting him 2 rounds later is a tremendous value. They fill an incredibly glaring need while also picking a player that con contribute right away. Massie is talented enough to start at right tackle from Day 1 and could eventually move over to the left side.

Cam Johnson, DE/OLB, Virginia – San Francisco Round 7 237th overall
This might be one of the bigger steals in the whole draft in terms of value. Johnson was projected by many to go in the third round with some even saying second round. To get a 3rd round player in the 7th is a major steal and greatly maximizes value since he will be a good fit in the Niners scheme as an outside rusher.

Brandon Marshall, OLB, Nevada – Jacksonville Round 5 142nd overall
No not that Brandon Marshall. This one was projected to be on the fence whether he’d get drafted at all, so for the Jags to take him early in the 5th round is a reach. Plus he doesn’t really fill a need and they should’ve focused on getting a cornerback at this spot.

Corey White, S, Samford – New Orleans Round 5 162nd overall
Safety wasn’t a big priority for the Saints in the draft and White wasn’t considered to be one of the first undrafted free agents to be signed. He wasn’t even projected to be drafted at all. New Orleans didn’t have a whole lot of picks to start out with, so they should’ve focused on getting more value for each pick.

Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State – Washington Round 4 102nd overall
This is a questionable pick to say the least with the previous selection of a signalcaller. They really didn’t need another QB and could have been better served finding a weapon or some protection for RG3. Cousins was a leader at Michigan State, but may never become a starter in the NFL, so unless this pick was meant to help give RG3 someone to learn with, I can’t imagine why they picked him.

Christo Bulukidi, DT, Georgia State – Oakland Round 6 189th overall
Georgia State’s first drafted player is a milestone for a program that began only a few years ago and is preparing to move up to the FBS level. However, there is no draftnik or expert who had Bulukidi even close to being drafted, so why he goes here, let alone at all, is puzzling.